My opinion of Points2Shop

I’ve been a member of Points2Shop for over 1 year, and realised it’s a fun and easy way to earn points to get some pretty cool stuff for free!!

I’ve made some great friends, by chatting to them in the shoutbox, as well as asking for their advice on how to get started on p2s and how to bump up my honour levels.

If you are curious like I was 1 year ago, and are thinking you can’t be serious about the whole earning and getting stuff for free, then click on my link to see what I’ve earnt so far!!

After watching Doctor Who

I’m spending my saturday evening by doing some surveys and completing offers on #Points2Shop.


"It feels good… It feels good, it feels great !"

If we (Benedict Cumberbatch fans - the Cumberbitches) call ourselves Cumbercookies, then a collection of all of us would be a Cumber-Batch!
Benedict Cumberbatch has the best name ever! (via dipikav)